'Art Meets Art' Stirs the Senses with Song, Fragrance and Memory

 - Dec 26, 2017
References: artmeetsart & byrdie
Just as certain songs have the ability to transport one back in time, fragrance has a similar effect, as scents are processed by the limbic system, which also deals with memories—Art Meets Art acknowledges the roles of scent and sound when it comes to the formation of memorable experiences.

Art Meets Art is a new fragrance brand that creates scents based upon iconic songs of the past. This includes classics like Madonna's 'Like a Virgin,' 'I Put a Spell on You' and 'Besame Mucho.' The newly launched five-piece fragrance collection from Art Meets Art features songs that were selected for their "conceptual relevance and cult status," as well as titles that would fit the theme of each perfume; through scent, the Like a Virgin fragrance explores themes like youth innocence, and purity.