The 'ARMC' Wearable Acts as an Artificial Pancreas

 - Feb 20, 2018
References: tuvie
The conceptual 'ARMC' wearable has been created as an artificial pancreas that can be worn on the arm to help diabetes patients manage their heath in a more streamlined manner.

Connecting to an accompanying app, the device works by continuously calculating the amount of insulin that is required by the wearer and administering it accordingly. This eliminates the need to manually inject medication to keep the patient feeling less restricted by their health when at work or a social gathering.

The conceptual 'ARMC' wearable is the design work of JEON Kiseop and Juhyeong LEE, and comes as a response to the increase need for innovation when it comes to insulin injection and diabetes management. As consumers become more comfortable with wearable technology, we could see more solutions being designed to take advantage of this.

Image Credit: Tuvie