The Ardbeg Haar Carafe Mimics the Coastal Mists of Scotlands

 - May 30, 2015
References: ardbeg & thedrinksbusiness
All across London, Ardbeg whiskey is now being presented in a special 'Ardbeg Haar' carafe that uses ultrasound pads and crystals to transform the liquid inside into a "drinkable cloud." The cloud that is created in this carafe is so thick, it can actually be sipped through a drinker's straw—but rather than having a hole at the bottom, the special straws that are used to sip up the vapors have openings on the sides.

As a brand that produces whiskey in Scotland, the Haar carafe was created as a way to reference the coastal mists that are familiar to this region.

To enhance all of the senses, Ardbeg worked with Harvard Professor and inventor David Edwards and Le Laboratoire in order to create an aesthetically pleasing form in which to experience this cloud of whiskey.