Arda Buckun Renders Concepts for Fictional Google Products

 - May 21, 2012
References: ardabuckun & blog.thaeger
If Google were to ever release their software in tangible form, they should really contact Arda Buckun to design all of their packaging. Seen here are his concepts for Google Chrome, YouTube, Google Scholar and Google Maps boxes if the programs were to be sold in stores. The simplistic color-coded results are rather stunning and practical, but that isn't even the most impressive part of these pictures.

Adding to the awesomeness of Arda Buckun's concepts is the fact that he rendered them entirely using 3D software. That’s right, the images you’re staring at aren’t actually photographs of boxes that have been physically printed and constructed, but rather digital pictures of things that only exist in cyberspace. The lighting effects in these mock-ups are what really sell these visuals as being real.