Archimania's Memphis Home Overlooks a Nearby Train Track

 - Sep 19, 2017
References: dezeen
Homes don't typically extend upwards — if anything, homes are more likely to extend outward, as is the case with bungalows — so Archimania's new home design shares more in common with office buildings and condos than it does with the typical single-family residence. The Memphis, Tennessee, home has a modern, rectilinear look that puts it in line with townhouses and condos, and its four storeys only add to that appearance.

Archimania's home design features a combination of raw and polished materials on the facade, creating a juxtaposition of claddings. On the one hand, the home is covered with raw steel and charred wood, which make it look weathered and beaten down in an appealing way. However, that aesthetic is carefully offset by smooth, corrugated aluminum and concrete on other sections of the home's exterior.