The New Arbonne Lip Collection Includes Lipsticks, Liners and Glosses

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: arbonne
Although most consumers tend to think of lipsticks, liners and glosses as simple beauty products, they also have the ability to be incredibly nourishing, as the new Arbonne lip collection demonstrates.

As the lips have the thinnest layer if stratum corneum, as well as fewer sebaceous glands, they're very susceptible to damage. In order to combat this, the products within the Arbonne lip collection are made with botanicals and antioxidants -- which safely and naturally prevent damage. In addition, the formulas contain naturally derived moisturizing elements, which keep the lips feeling soft, voluminous and moisturized, while also battling the appearance of aging.

The lipsticks are available in 16 different summer-ready shades, and the glosses come in 11 variations. Pairing perfectly with both are 6 berry and neutral-hued shades of liner. In addition to the Arbonne lip collection, the brand recently released a series of new face makeup and skincare products so that consumers can get the perfect summer glow.