This Loopy Stool Collection by ArandaLasch Features Modernized Seating

 - Dec 6, 2015
References: arandalasch & wallpaper
The creative designers at 'ArandaLasch' recently unveiled a new collection of modernized stools called 'Railing.' The name is essentially a brief description of the products, as each stool reflects the illusion of bent and twisted railings.

The Railing stools use tubes of cylindrical stainless steel that curve, twist and intertwine within itself to create an abstract seat. The steel framing is upholstered with comfortable silicone foam, paired with hand-sewn leather.

These seats by ArandaLasch are as artistically unique as they are practical and comfy. Each seat is well balanced, allowing it to support anyone who needs a rest. They are available in a variety of soft and neutral tones such as gray, off-white and black. These stools are the beginning of the designer's new line, which the brand hopes to continue expanding.