'The Apprehension Engine' is Designed to Make Horror Movie-Style Music

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: markkorven & weburbanist
Critics of horror movies often note that without the music, horror movies would hardly be scary at all, but instruments like 'The Apprehension Machine' show that such a criticism does a disservice to the impressive ingenuity in horror music itself. The Apprehension Machine is a purpose-built instrument that creates all the groans, skitterings, and roars frequently heard in horror movie scores, allowing composers to score films using a tactile and practical instrument.

The strange instrument was built by Tony Duggan-Smith, a guitar maker, but it was designed by Mark Korven, a composer best known for his work on 2016's critically lauded horror film 'The Witch.' Far from the typical musical instrument, The Apprehension Machine includes all manner of acoustic accouterments, including metal rods, magnets, a spring reverb, and a hurdy gurdy-like mechanism. Indeed, the machine looks almost as torturous as the sounds that it emits.