'Social ReHub' is the New Rehab for Your Questionable Behavior

 - Nov 11, 2013
References: socialrehub & socialrehub.wordpress
Do you have that one friend who won't stop swearing in public? Or that friend who just won't stop biting his nails? A start-up based in Israel and Romania has developed a new app called 'Social ReHub,' which helps you and your friends get over bad habits in a fun way!

Everyone has a bad habit, whether it is nail biting, swearing, not turning off lights, overspending etc. 'Social ReHub' calls attention to your bad habit by logging it to your smartphone app. Friends and users can set up customized social groups that display their bad habit and engage in a tip jar. Each time someone catches the other violating, the poll increases and the user with the most polls must pay the 'fine.' Users can also take photographic proof incriminating the violator!