'Sway' is an App for Meditation with a New Science-Based Approach

 - Mar 31, 2017
References: itunes.apple & pauseable
Unlike a standard app for meditation that calls for a user to close their eyes and direct their attention inwards, Sway sets itself apart by providing an interactive, visual experience that challenges one's focus without fully requiring one to stop and pause.

The app integrates motion-tracking technology and encourages simple actions such as moving one's phone gently, swaying the whole body or mindful walking throughout one's daily life along to the sounds that the app for meditation provides. As the developers note: "Sway is based on 'interactive meditation,' a new approach to meditation which shows similar results to 'guided meditation' but is even more effective in noisy and busy environments."

Sway also features a gamified component, with six levels for Attention and Presence more to progress through to sharpen one's attention and ability to focus.