Dyslexia Quest is an App for Dyslexia That Strengthens Reading Skills

 - Jul 29, 2014
References: itunes.apple & mashable
Dyslexia Quest is an app for Dyslexia that was developed for kids by the Bristol Dyslexia Center in the UK. The app is suited for three different age groups, including children, teens and adolescents beyond. The app is designed to test a player's memory and learning skills with six games and the app makes suggestions on how to make the most of your strengths and improve the areas you are weakest in.

As well, there are several paths that you can take on the Dyslexia Quest journey, where a total of 18 different yetis can be collected. After activities, the app also has a feature that lets users email their results, which is helpful for keeping track of how one's memory, speed, auditory and visual memory improves over time.