'Apartment Refurbishment' Features a Studio Space Above the Kitchen

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: annaeugenibach & gizmag
'Apartment Refurbishment' is quite literally a refurbished and reimagined apartment, located in Barcelona, that underwent a makeover at the hands of Anna & Eugeni Bach. The firm transformed the house to stay true to its strengths, whilst also including a number of features to maximize the apartment's ability to take full advantage of space.

Located in Gran Via, Apartment Refurbishment is now free of cramped corridors and has an open look and feel. Because the apartment has an unusually high ceiling relative to its size, Anna & Eugeni Bach went about taking advantage of the vertical space by building a studio area above the kitchen that is accessible by ladder. Part of the bathroom was also raised to make storage space underneath.

Apartment Refurbishment is a fine example of how innovative design and a willingness to take advantage of vertical space can make even cramped apartments more open and spacious.