This Device Wakes Up Those Who Wear It When They Start Snoring

 - Nov 11, 2016
References: kickstarter
This anti-snore device aims to help people who snore, as well as those who lose sleep when having to hear their partners snore throughout the night.

On its most basic level, snoring is a nuisance to the people around the culprit and on the more dangerous side of the scale, it can lead to conditions such as sleep apnea. This anti-snore wearable is based on research that reveals that among people who snore, they generally do so when they are sleeping on their backs. The device is able to detect when the wearer is snoring and vibrates so that they shift their position. The anti-snore wearables' accompanying app allows users to track their sleeping and snoring habits.

This device is ideal for those looking to nip their habit of snoring in the bud and ensure that it doesn't lead to greater health problems down the line.