The Romantic Disease by Anna Dumitriu Uses a Deadly Bacteria

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: normalflora & fastcodesign
Anna Dumitriu, an artist based in Brighton, United Kingdom, blurs the line between art and science. In particular, she focuses on a subset termed bioart, which explores deadly bacteria in the form of sculptures and more. Anna Dumitriu's latest art exhibit, titled The Romantic Disease: An Artistic Investigation of Tuberculosis, explores "the morbid fascination with an illness once thought to bestow sufferers with heightened spiritual and artistic sensitivity," notes Fast Co Design.

Teaming up with microbiologist, Anna Dumitriu went so far as to infuse sterilized TB bacteria into her pieces. Although the objects look like relics from a past ridden with the disease, Anna Dumitriu has added her special touch to each piece. For instance, a vintage maternity dress has been dyed with outdated tuberculosis cures such as safflower and madder root.