This Animal-Shaped Clutch From Pixie Market Will Have You Riding

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: pixiemarket
This adorable animal-shaped clutch is everything any horse-loving girl could dream of. If your parents' only response to the question "can I have a pony?" was "nay" then this clutch is perfect for you. In fact, any animal lover would want to get their hooves on this stylish black beauty.

This gorgeous bag is made of black leather and is in the shape of an outline of a prancing pony. The front legs are raised to look like the majestic animal in in mid step. On the top of the pony’s head is what looks like a horn, making this animal-shaped clutch 100% more magical!

Behind the horn on the head is a line of fringing to look like a short mane. The opening of the bag is on top and attached to the zipper is a little black tail.