These Graphic Animal Rights Campaigns Show the Brutality of Animal Abuse

'AnimaNaturalis' is an international non-profit organization based in Spain that has created a number of shocking animal rights campaigns. Its previous campaign targeted the topic of poaching, displaying graphic images of severed limbs to show the pain caused by taking away a part of an animal for economic gain. The 'Stop the party' ads work to draw attention to the brutality of systematic animal abuse.

The two ads consider the violence faced by two different animals -- a Greyhound dog and a seal. Greyhounds, often bred for competitive racing, are often hanged by their owners when they are no longer able to compete. This is shown in the disturbing ad where the dog is strung up on a tree and made to look like a party pinata.

Another ad shows a seal which lies on the ground surrounded by red confetti, speaking to the brutality of seal clubbing to take their fur and blubber for luxury products. As these animal rights campaigns show, the violence imbued on these creatures is brutal and wholly unnecessary.