AniBites are Multi-Use Storage Clips Designed as Animal Heads

 - Jul 18, 2017
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
Even for avowed pacifists, there's something undeniably appealing about hunting trophies hanging on the wall — but if hunting is out of the question, Los Angeles-based Xivestory's AniBites might still satisfy that predatory urge. The multi-use storage hangers not only come in animal head designs, but they can hold onto virtually any lightweight object, making them just as practical as they are attractive.

AniBites come is a set of three, each of which has a slightly different design. The grey AniBite is fashioned after a wolf, the brown one after a grizzly bear, and the black one after a panther. All three have a one-touch open and close system; by pressing the object onto the tongue-like protrusion from the AniBites' open mouths, the jaws snap satisfyingly shut.

The tools are graded to hold up to 300 grams, and their adhesive backing can stick to any material, including embossing.