Anhia Santana Gives the Iconic Rugrats a Perplexing New Look

Artist Anhia Santana is once again showcasing her twisted talent with her collection of distorted Rugrats prints.

Going by the alias 'Distorted,' Santana is no stranger to perplexing artwork. The Dominican artist has made a name for herself within the visual art scene for her use of various colors and dark imagery. This collection of prints features 90s toddlers and tots, the Rugrats, reimagined in an eerie light. The lovable Tommy and gang are illustrated to have one eye replaced with a symbolic spiral commonly used by the artist. These prints also include odd accents such as immensely long tongues and gloomy backdrops.

Santana explained that her cryptic work stems from past experiences. Refusing to let negativity consume her, Anhia Santana expresses herself through her art "no matter how ugly" it may seem to some.