Andrew Mar Illustrates Animals Made With Hi-Tech Parts

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: marak24.deviantart & winterteeth.tumblr
If technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, maybe one day you’ll actually encounter animals that look like these Andrew Mar drawings. His illustrations, entitled ‘Wildebot’ and ‘Ironelk’ respectively, depict four-legged creatures as they’d look if they were cybernetic. Gone are unreliable muscles and skin, and in their place are powerful mechanisms and armor plating that will no doubt make these wild beasts fiercely fast and indestructible. It’s quite an imaginative sight to see.

Curiously, Andrew Mar decided to include internal organs and remnants of skin on his ‘Wildebot’ illustration, retaining the hybrid creature’s organic origins. It makes for a thought-provoking and menacing image.

Andrew Mar, who also illustrates under the name marak24, continues to amaze me with his varied rendering styles and jaw-dropping technical abilities.