Andrew Kovalev Photographs Strangers in the Dutch Capital

 - Jun 12, 2012
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Andrew Kovalev is a Paris-based photographer who specializes in editorial and environmental photography as well as corporate portraiture. He works across Europe, taking contracts on the Continent, receiving commissions from the United Kingdom and snapping shots as far east as Russia.

His recent series 'Amsterdam Passerby' is a look at various people who caught Kovalev's eye while he spent some time in the Dutch capital. From middle-aged, mustached men to keen suit-adorned yuppies, his series is a snapshot into the daily lives of a variety of people living in a beautiful city.

Though Amsterdam is often spoken of in North America as a destination for debauchery -- marijuana, the red light district -- it is also a historically rich, well-run city brimming with interesting architecture and culture.