This Classroom is Build Around an Ancient Tree

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: boredpanda
'Fuji Kindergarten' is a small classroom that is build around an ancient tree. While most children dream of having their very own treehouse, few have the opportunity to go to school in one. This picturesque classroom gives children a chance to learn and play in a completely unique environment.

Fuji Kindergarten is a small classroom located in Tachikawa, Japan. The classroom is built around an Zelkova tree with an unusual history. The 50 year old tree was uprooted during a typhoon, which nearly led to its death. However the tree managed to recover and prosper once again. To honor the ancient tree, the city of Tachikawa decided to build a classroom around it. The building itself consists of glass walls that form a large ring around the tree.

The treetop classroom gives children a unique environment to learn and explore.