Anatoly Vyatkin's The Keyboard Installation Merges Art with Technology

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: urhajos.tumblr & mymodernmet
Russian artist Anatoly Vyatkin's The Keyboard exhibit is located in Russia's Yekaterinburg region. Now a fully fledged tourist spot, Vyatkin installed 86 bricks into the series, made in the exact image of computer boards.

Vyatkin specifically focused on the IBM PC model for The Keyboard. While standard Ctrl, Shift and Enter buttons are displayed, its placement within the green grass renders it as anything but ordinary. Visitors are invited to walk across the rocky set, stepping on the buttons much like one would with finders. Sturdiness is also central to the display as it weighs approximately 1,000 pounds. It will as such not be moving any time soon, largely to the pleasure of Yekaterinburg's backpackers.