'An Indecisive Moment' by Haley Jane Samuelson is Heavenly

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: haleyjsamuelson & sweet-station
'An Indecisive Moment' by Haley Jane Samuelson is a series of photographs that illustrates a goddess-like woman in a sombre forestry land. Samuelson captures these photos with an essence of serenity and calmness. Although the photographs from An Indecisive Moment portrays a peaceful and harmonious aura, there’s still a sense of unease.

Samuelson’s series of photos attempts to illustrate the meaning of femininity in today’s disintegrating society where everything is unstable. The work dwells upon uncertainty and the unknown. In these photos, Samuelson is trying to illuminate the feelings of beauty and fear in a single image.

An Indecisive Moment by Haley Jane Samuelson is a riveting photo series that’s well worth visiting; her work is being featured at the Hous Projects Gallery in New York City from now until May 8th, 2012.