This Amniotic Fluid Serum Will Rejuvenate Your Skin

 - Nov 3, 2014
References: hourglasscosmetics & refinery29
Carisa Janes of Hourglass Cosmetics has come up with a miraculous skin formula that will revolutionize the skincare industry. The amniotic fluid serum -- yes, you heard me right, that's amniotic fluid as in, the liquid inhaled by a fetus during pregnancy -- has properties that link it to cell growth.

Janes got to work, finding a biomimetic phosphatidylglycerol from plant-based sources, which would mimic the properties of actual amniotic fluid, ultimately creating the 'Equilibrium Serum.'

The formula uses ultrasonication research to ensure the particles of the serum are more easily absorbed the skin. Hourglass director of product development explains that the ultrasonication process involves "a high-energy sound wave that's placed onto the entire batch [of product] to cause major micro-vibrations that [cause] the oil droplets in the emulsion to become smaller."