Amit Shimoni's Hipstory Re-Imagines Key Cultural and Historical Figures

 - Dec 17, 2014
References: nuvango & mymodernmet
Artist Amit Shimoni's Hipstory series re-images iconic political and cultural figures. In each painting, Shimoni portrays the instantly recognizable individuals as members of the hipster subculture, seen in graphic print shirts, studded leather vests and beanie hats.

Provided with edgy makeovers in the Hipstory collection are Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill. While it is clear at first glance who Shimoni's subjects are, their apparel and accessories are far from what the figures wore in the past.

By providing these remarkable history makers with fresh, contemporary looks, Shimoni has brought them to the fore in a youthful manner. The attire is most frequently sported by younger crowds, making these paragons appear current all over again.