The 'Always Connected' Infographic is Plugged In

It seems like the amount of university and college students trading in their pencils and paper for laptops and tablets rises every day as shown by the 'Always Connected' infographic. The cleverly illustrated chart dissects "a day in the digital life," making use of some awesome comic book-style drawings.

Provided by, the infographic is extremely interesting and really opened my eyes to just how much I, and so many people around me, use and rely on technology to get through the day. Perhaps most shocking is the news that 3% of Americans admit to watching adult videos at work! On the other hand, I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I fit in to the 83% of young people sleep beside their cell phones.

In a time where it seems like everything is going digital, whether for environmental purposes or for easier access, it's becoming harder to avoid being constantly plugged-in and online. After reading the 'Always Connected' infographic, however, I do feel better about my slight digital addiction.