Alter Ego by Niklas Axelsson Incorporates Realistic 3D Artistry

 - Apr 29, 2014
The photo series titled Alter Ego by Niklas Axelsson, a student photographer and 3D artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden, will boggle the mind. It revolves around surreal portraits that look realistic, but are far from real. Treading the territory of surreal, the images are much more full of darkness that similarly dream-like portraits that have been popping up around the Internet over the last couple of years.

Alter Ego by Niklas Axelsson is a combination of photography and visual effects. Specifically, the abstract faces are made in Cinema 4D. Whether they resemble black diamonds, helmet-like spheres and deteriorating skulls, the portraits embrace all of the different sides of the photographer. It embraces both feeling and personality in such a way that it drudges up more somber connections.