The Aloye Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Can Be Worn By Boys and Girls

 - Oct 9, 2012
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The Aloye Fall/Winter 2012 collection has a selection of unisex short and long-sleeved tees that that are simple, yet eye catching. Color-blocking is used on each of the shirts and this is part of what makes the shirts so appealing to the eye. The contrast between the salmon pink, mint green, white, beige and black really makes the shirts pop. Each shirt is also outfitted with a chest pocket on the left-hand side.

Unisex clothing is a growing industry with stores like American Apparel leading the way. Getting rid of the distinction between men's and women's clothes allows people to wear what they would like to without being deterred by labels that often times are subjective.

The Aloye Fall/Winter 2012 collection can be purchased online, or at Beams stores.