The New Nush Almond Milk Yogurts Contain Vegan Probiotic Cultures

 - Feb 21, 2017
References: nushfoods & foodbev
In an effort to help vegan and dairy-free consumers add more probiotics to their, a UK-based company called 'Nush' has created a line of nutritious, almond milk yogurts. Despite the fact that the yogurts are completely dairy-free, the new line is rich in protein and probiotics.

The new Nush yogurts are a non-dairy yogurt alternative made from Sicilian avola almonds, filtered water and live vegan probiotic cultures. The result is a "a light and creamy live yogurt with a delicate flavor" that can serve as a replacement for other dairy-based yogurts. Because the yogurt is made from 95 percent almond milk, approximately a fifth of every serving consists of pure almonds. For added variety, the almond milk yogurts come in a medley of tasty flavors, including natural, peach melba and blueberry.

The innovative yogurt range ultimately helps those who are dairy-free enjoy the digestive benefits of probiotics.