The Almas Caviar Found in London England is the Most Expensive in the World

 - Jul 2, 2013
References: bornrich
A kilo of Almas caviar costs a whopping $25,000 at Prunier in London, England. You don’t have to worry if the Almas caviar is too expensive for your tight budget; the company also offers a mini version of Almas caviar for only $800. For most people, this seems absolutely insane -- $25,000 for a tin of fish eggs! -- surprisingly however, there are people who do purchase this delicacy on a regular basis.

Caviar is graded on color; the lighter the eggs the more expensive. The Almas comes from eggs of the albino sturgeon, which is an extremely rare fish already. Its light white color is really what drives the price of this Almas caviar to be the most expensive in the world.