The All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship is an Event You Shouldn't Miss

 - Sep 23, 2011
References: neatorama & io9
The All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship is among the must-see annual events on the calendar for all street art aficionados. This year, more than 150 mannequins were stuffed, propped up and posed around the southern Irish city of Durrow.

Entering the streets of Durrow for the first time, you'd be excused from feeling a sense of shock or confusion. From sailors navigating boats, to a couple sharing a candlelit dinner, scarecrows occupy the lives of the regular townspeople, who are instead strolling around and admiring the scene. In fact, Sunny Wieler experienced this very anomaly when her GPS accidentally routed her towards Durrow, where (unbeknownst to her) the All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship was taking place.

It's encouraging to see small town exhibitions like this enduring long enough in tradition to allow the world to participate. Since the popularization of the All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship, copy-cats have emerged elsewhere, spreading the mystique of scarecrows around the world!