This Alien Ovomorph Cookie Jar Looks Like the Egg from the 'Alien' Franchise

 - May 12, 2017
References: thinkgeek
The cookie jar has long been the nexus of conflict between parents and children around the world, and the Alien Ovomorph Cookie Jar might be the perfect scare tactic that gives parents the upper hand. That's assuming children have a cursory knowledge of 1970s science fiction films -- but if the parent is one to purchase the Alien Ovomorph Cookie Jar, that assumption isn't such a stretch.

The ceramic cookie jar is shaped just like the eggs from the 'Alien' franchise. Fans of the original film know that perhaps its most terrifying aspect was the eponymous aliens' life cycle. The eggs contain "facehuggers" that do what their name implies, using the human body as a vessel for gestating the next adolescent stage of the creature. With that knowledge, people will likely stray as far away from the Alien Ovomorph Cookie Jar as possible.