This Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Edition Uses Unique Illustrations

In this beautifully re-imagined version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Andrea d'Aquino blends watercolor and collage to recreate the captivating visual world of Lewis Carroll's classic tale.

D'Aquino works as an art director, illustrator and graphic designer, although she rejects all three labels, preferring to think of herself as an artist who straddles worlds. She created this edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for the 'Classics Reimagined' series, which pairs contemporary artists with revived works of literature to create wonderful hardcover editions of timeless tales.

D'Aquino's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is splashy and textured, exuberant and thoughtful. The intriguing mixture of photographic collage and fantastical watercolor perfectly suits the perplexing nature of the story itself -- a strange little tale which operates on a kind of bizarre dream logic, but often veers toward nightmare territory.