Alexandra Istratova Creates Packaging that Will Have You Locking Lips

 - May 19, 2012
References: & packagingoftheworld
Designer Alexandra Istratova created a clever packaging concept simply entitled 'Kiss.' The fictional brand offers a wide variety of intriguing fruit and vegetable purees designed for on-the-go consumption. Placed in tetra packs with convenient nozzles, this unique packaging design is not just eye-poppingly vibrant, it is functional as well.

The design idea for this packaging stems from the fact that every kiss has its own individual feel and taste. Istratova chose to demonstrate this simple fact by adorning each package with a roster of unlikely suiters. From sheep to vampires, each flavor is represented by its own mascot. The nozzle, designed for easy drinking, is humorously placed on the lips of each character. Are you man enough to take a swig from a zombie's mouth?

Playful, funny and downright clever, the 'Kiss' concept by Alexandra Istratova will have you kissing up to a strange crowd.