The Alexander Pieri Watercolors are Abstract Scenes

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: alexanderpieri & mymodernmet
Alexander Pieri watercolors merge palettes together to create colorful backdrops for poignant scenes. Croatian artist Pieri has a graphic design background, channeling his education and creative energy into beautiful blurred illustrations. Each individual piece is a conceptual scene.

The series called ‘Days with Colors’ is a set of tiny black splatters made to appear like little humans contrasted by blotchy and splattered watercolor combinations. Once one identifies the human, one can begin to examine the settings and ideas surrounding them. The splatters have the feel of clouds, smoke and evoke a sense of fleeting. Pieri uses shapes and coloration to express emotion and invite viewers to make their own interpretations about his work.

Alexander Pieri watercolors are compounds of real life and imagination coming together to form fascinating abstract thought and art.