The Alexa Whisper Mode Helps the AI Understand Unvoiced Speech

 - Sep 28, 2018
References: venturebeat & digitaltrends
Home assistant speakers often require users to hit a certain audible threshold but the new Alexa whisper mode will allow the device to listen for softer speech and respond accordingly. Developed as part of Amazon's push for Alexa to utilize more natural and intuitive language, this new mode allows the device to adhere to more conversational cues. The update also falls in line with Amazon's commitment to the Alexa AI as it continues to make consistent improvements to the AI and device.

The technology used in the new Alexa whisper mode will be explained at an upcoming IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language and is entitled 'LSTM-based Whisper Detection.' While not all the information behind the tech has been given, Amazon has explained that it is quite unique as whispered speech is difficult to interpret and to have a machine respond in.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Zapp2Photo