Aleph Zero's House in Caioba has Several Open Areas

 - May 29, 2018
References: archdaily
There's an inherent Catch 22 in home design for people who enjoy a more natural living space, but Aleph Zero's house in Caioba does a great job of upending the issue. Natural living spaces, with open air and natural light, are often far more pleasant than a cloistered alternative, but homes are almost by definition places that shelter from the outdoors. By highlighting enclosed, open-air courtyards, Aleph Zero gives the occupants of this house the best of both worlds.

From the street, the house in Caioba is just as closed off as any other home on the block. Since the home is in a warm, temperate climate, though, the architects had the freedom to include several courtyards in the interior.

Image Credit: Pedro Kok, Humberto Utrabor Junior