Rich Olson's Alarm Clock Designs Will Get Anyone to Wake Up Early

Most alarm clock designs will get people out of bed without a hitch, but for those individuals who need that extra push, the 'Money Shredding Alarm Clock' is what they should get.

Created by Rich Olson, the Money Shredding Alarm Clock is the alarm clock that'll make sure you get out of bed on time. For the alarm to be effective, bed heads will have to place a paper bill on top of the automated-timed shredder -- the larger the bill, the more likely you'll wake up. The shredder activates when the allotted time for waking has been reached. Then, users will only have a few seconds to take their paper bill out of the Money Shredding Alarm Clock.

The alarm clock was built with a Sparkfun's Clockit, a USB-powered paper shredder, TIP120 Darlington transistor, a Atmel AVR programmer and some computer codes.