HARMAN's AKG N90Q Headphones Launch at CES 2015

 - Jan 8, 2015
References: harman.presscentre & damngeeky
Introduced at CES 2015, the HARMAN AKG N90Q headphones have several impressive features in their favor. Inspired by Grammy winner Quincy Jones, HARMAN worked with Kidada Jones throughout the design process, selecting key materials to create the high-quality, premium feel of the headphones.

Another noteworthy feature of the headphones is that they offer a personalized sound experience with TruNote technology that deals with auto-calibration and frequency response management. Inside the headphones are two microphones in each earpiece, which measure frequencies when the listening device is on and music is being played. In order to deliver the best sound possible, this technology automatically makes adjustments to the sound based on the frequencies that enter each ear. The headphones also feature noise-cancelling technology and will be available for purchase in the summer of 2015.