The AirMap App Helps Drone Pilots Avoid Manned Aircraft

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: airmap & techcrunch
AirMap, a startup from Santa Monica, is an app that helps drone operators to navigate the skies. Air traffic control is becoming an increasingly pressing issue as drones increase in both popularity and ability. The AirMap app alerts operators to both manned aircraft traffic and other drones, helping keep people safe and drones intact.

The mobile app gives real time alerts about incoming manned aircraft. While standard commercial planes fly far too high to encounter drones, vehicles like helicopters, crop dusters, and small propeller planes may be within the range of a drone. Should any of these vehicles, or even another drone, enter the airspace in which a drone operator is flying his or her device, the AirMap app will ping them and show them a moving pin that represents the other vehicle's location.