Pain-Suffering Artists Express Their Anguish

 - Apr 20, 2009   Updated: Jul 14 2011
References: lifeinthefastlane
Art is simply a fantastic way to communicate emotion. Sometimes we are unable to communicate our emotions; such is the case with a debilitating migraine, which is the most common neurological condition in the developed world.

As with most intense human emotions, pain and anguish are abundant in art, whether it's through paintings, photographs or even graffiti. These abstract and surreal artistic images convey the agony that paralyzes a migraine sufferer.

Implications - This migraine art is impactful and captivating because it recounts a feeling familiar to most people, and whether it's caused by migraines or not, pain and anguish are indisputable parts of life. These works are real, evoking raw emotion in a way that is commonplace. This unusual artistic series is interesting and unique, but be careful not to look for too long, you may just get a headache!