Afire Mini Grilling Planks Adds the Taste of Nature to BBQ

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: amazon & uncrate
What's the best thing about summer? It's the season to whip out the grill and use things like the Afire Mini Grilling Planks to add a taste of nature -- literally -- to your food.

You know when you watch the Food Network and those grill guys keep telling you to put a certain type of wood in for certain flavors? Well, that's what the Afire Mini Grilling Planks does, and you won't have to go chopping down trees either. These will give you the intense smoky flavors of Black Cherry or Golden Alder that will provide a scrumptious taste for your palette.

To add some excitement to your barbecue parties, the Afire Mini Grilling Planks are definitely worth checking out.