Tangible Media Group's Aeromorphs are Used for Transforming Designs

 - Dec 13, 2016
References: vimeo & fastcodesign
Tangible Media Group, a division of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed a new material dubbed 'Aeromorphs.' The material is effectively a programmable plastic that can transform its shape when inflated with air. Such a versatile and inventive design could be used in anything from toys to fashion to packaging and so much more.

The process for creating Aeromorphs involves three steps. First, Tangible Media Group created a software program that makes it simple to program the end shape of the product. Next, the raw material -- which is a special type of plastic -- runs through a CNC machine that heat-seals air pockets at precise points based on the design. Finally, consumers just plug in a pneumatic pump and watch as the flat material transforms into a 3D shape.