The Aero Concept Line is Clean, Sleek and Playful

The Aero concept line is swathed in subtle yet punchy packaging that hints at the organic and earth-friendly properties of this large line. Design students Julie Goodwin, Gina Rodriguez and Laura Ycasas were given the complex task of creating a line of products that would stock the shelves of a high-end version of the popular store Target. The impressively large product line was broken down into five subcategories: Naked, Restore, Prep, Space, and Roots. With products ranging from food to medicine, the design team certainly had their work cut out for them creating coverings for the many products in the Aero concept line.

The resulting packaging of this large design project is simplistic yet playful. Each subcategory favors a dominate aesthetic that is echoed on each package in the smaller line. Kitschy yet tasteful illustrations are utilized to add an element of visual interest to food and pet products, but in most cases the wrappers are minimalistic letting their contents speak for themselves.

Subtle, cheeky and extensive, the Aero concept line is swathed in quietly playful wrappers.