Guerrilla Skin Cancer Ads

 - Apr 4, 2008   Updated: May 19 2011
References: adsoftheworld & adsoftheworld
Down under, they've found an innovative way to raise awareness for skin cancer, as melanoma is quite a frequent cancer in countries as sunny as Australia. The special newspaper ads featured a 3D image of a mole. When the readers ran their fingers over the moles, they felt rough and raised in texture, just like a potentially malignant mole.

Implications - The advertising agency who created this awareness campaign is called The Campaign Palace located in Melbourne, Australia. It is important for people to know how to check for cancer and placing an ad in the daily paper is a good way to grasp people's attention. Another of their ads reads "is one of your spots changing color?" These types of interactive ads get people thinking and learning at the same time.