Whoop.de.doo by Anna Maresova Addresses Cliches in the Industry

 - Jun 19, 2015
References: annamaresova & psfk
Whoop.de.doo is a line of subtle adult toys that addresses the aggressive cliches currently running rampant in the sex industry. Designed by a woman for women, the products are sleek, stylish and could easily be mistaken for something other than what they truly are. With approachable shapes and colors, women won't be afraid to leave these adult toys out in the open.

Created by Czech designer Anna Maresova, the adult toys come in the form of the Venus Balls -- two rounded spheres at the end of a slender, flexible rod -- that support pelvic strength as well as vibrators that take "into account medical consultation to gradate the thickness of the product to ensure safe play," writes Psfk.