The AdiZero Crazy Light vs The "Other" Guys Commercial Schools Nike

 - May 26, 2011
References: facebook & f5torefresh
Adidas is not holding back with these adiZero Crazy Light vs The "Other Guys" commercials. Similar to Apple's Mac vs PC commercials, this Adidas sneaker ad makes a direct attack on Nike, its biggest competition, and the three-striped sneaker giant wastes no time in destroying the rival shoe company's product.

The commercial highlight's Adidas' new adiZero Crazy Light, which weighs in at a surprising 9.8oz. As the ad continues, we see Nike's lightest sneaker take a slash from a samurai sword, revealing that it would require a significant portion of Nike's shoe to be missing in order to match Adidas' ludicrously lightweight shoe. If that's not fighting with your gloves off, I don't know what is.

This adiZero Crazy Light vs The Other Guys commercial is one of what's sure to be many to come. I wonder what clever rebuttals Nike will come up with in the months to come...