Adam Lupton Distorts Figures to Comment on the Passing of Reality

 - Jun 23, 2016
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Adam Lupton is a Vancouver-born painter who is now based in Brooklyn, New York. His oil paintings comment on the clashing of internal and external realities, mixed with the elegance of realism and the freedom of expressionism. He explores the condition of western contemporary society by creating a visual narrative with his work. Subjects of the paintings are shown as blurred and distorted to reveal their inner feelings and identities.

One painting shows a man staring into a mirror with a glamorous woman superimposing him, as well as himself half-dressed in drag behind. With this, Adam Lupton intermingles both identities, however shows his feminine form to be more dominate in the painting. Another work shoes a man sitting upright with his inner vices exposed as extending characters of himself, with distortions revealing him drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels, smoking a cigarette and sitting with his head in his hands.