The 'PURO' Faucet Features a Built-In Activated Charcoal Filter

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: yankodesign
Concerns about water purity and scarcity are inherent issues for millions around the world, so the 'PURO' Faucet is designed with an activated charcoal filter to help ensure potable water constantly.

The secret behind the 'PURO' Faucet is the black ball-like figure that is incorporated into the design; this is the activated charcoal filter that can be replaced periodically to always ensure fresh-tasting, clean water. Designed by Lin Shang-Yi, the 'PURO' Faucet takes a more upstream approach to water purification by going to the source rather than encouraging purification afterwards.

Winner of the coveted Red Dot Design award for conceptual products, the 'PURO' Faucet, complete with its activated charcoal filter, are an innovative design that could help revolutionize industries if brought to fruition.