The Acriton Waterproof Roof Campaign Shows the Proper Places for Water

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: & ibelieveinadv
Although spring might be the season known for being particularly rainy, fall can be just as wet, so it might be important to pay attention to the Acriton Waterproof Roof ad campaign. A leaky home isn’t a pleasant problem to have on one’s hand, especially as the month get colder. More often than not, these leaks aren’t as helpful as they appear in these print ads. In fact, they are completely the opposite.

Conceived and executed by Venezuela-based ad agency ARS DDB, the Acriton Waterproof Roof ad campaign doesn’t actually show convenient leaks, however. What it shows is this Spanish company coming in and saving the day. The leaks aren’t leaks at all, but really examples of proper uses of water, without the headache of damaging leaks.